iPhone Screen Protector – 10 Good Reasons You Need One

When you first buy a new phone, you may think, ‘do I really need an iPhone Screen Protector?’

You’re not clumsy, or are you?

You’ll keep it safe in your pocket, or in your handbag. But is that really safe? Walk into the corner of a table, or assault a mugger with your bag, and where are you? In possession of a multi-hundred dollar piece of broken technology. Click over here best s8 plus screen protectors.

Here are 10 more reasons why you need an iPhone screen protector…

1. It falls into the toilet. You keep it in your top pocket and lean over to flush. Splash!

2. You keep it in the same pocket as your car keys or your coinage. Bad move. It’s scratched and now it looks awful when you try to watch a movie, especially during dark scenes.

3. You put it on your car’s roof when you take out your car keys and then drive away.

4. You leave it on the bar when you pay for your drinks. You’ve had a couple so your coordination is not at its peak and you either drop your phone or drop your drink on your phone.

5. Your child gets a hold of your phone. He/she drops it on the floor or tries to feed it to the dog.

6. You’re sending a text message whilst walking down the street. Not looking where you’re going you bump into someone, drop your phone and accidentally kick it into the street. Scratch city!

7. You’re playing Angry Birds and in a fit of temper, when the stupid white bird won’t lay its egg, throw your phone to the ground and immediately regret it. Too late.

8. You are showing off by using your iPhone as a flashlight, but the next to useless application sheds hardly any light and you drop your phone down the stairs.

9. You catch your friend attempting to update your Facebook status with ‘is gay and proud’ and in the ensuing scuffle the phone is dashed to the floor.

10. You are on the treadmill and lose your footing due to being distracted by a hottie and your iPhone and both of your ears are almost yanked away from you, to collide with the hard ground and into the wall.