Medical Negligence Solicitors Dublin- FAQ’s

Who are Medical Negligence solicitors?

Medical Negligence solicitors are the members of The Law Society who are specialised in dealing with claims related to compensation for clinical negligence. They are skilled professionals, trained specially to deal with these types pf cases.

When do I contact a Medical Negligence solicitor?
You will need to consult a medical negligence solicitor, if due to act of negligence from any health care provider, injury or death of a patient occurs. This involves medical error in most cases, and is illegal in the eyes of the accepted standards of medical practice. You can even contact them, if a doctor prescribes some experimental drugs that causes harm or does erroneous cosmetic surgeries as well.medical negligence solicitors dublin

How much success can you get through them?
Since the solicitors receive training that is specific to this type, that is, training to deal with medical negligence cases, they are extremely adept in this work. They also attend different academic courses regularly, so that they can remain thoroughly updated with all the new rules and techniques to provide you complete satisfaction and extracting the maximum compensation available. It has been seen that many such solicitors are able to claim millions of pounds annually for their clients.

On which Medical Negligence can the solicitors help me?
There are a host of causes of medical negligence, when you can seek for help from a solicitor to fix the issues. You shall be eligible to ask for compensation on various issues. You can do so, if due to the negligence, you have lost your past or future income, compensation can be asked to care for your past or care for your future as well. For medical expenses and prescriptions and any type of suffering and pain, including mental suffering as well, you can ask for the solicitors help to recover compensation. Other causes, for which the medical negligence solicitor can help you get back compensation are, for loss of any means of life, any kind of legal expenses and also if the negligence has reduced your prospects of employment.

How do they charge?
Regarding charges, you can rest assured. This is because, they work on a no win no fee scheme. This means, if in any case, your solicitor proves incompetent to get you the compensation from the defender, you do not need to pay the fees of the solicitor. Only if you win the case and regain compensation, are you required to pay the solicitor’s fees.

How do I get in touch with them?
These solicitors are quite common these days and are available without much trouble. if however you cannot get in touch, they are just a click away. You can easily contact them online through various websites.