Personal injury attorney Biloxi – Points to be Noted

Considering the situation of the personal injury lawyers in the modern world, it seems fitting to congratulate America for a job well done with regard to the provision of every bit of leverage needed by these hooligans. The New York Times was responsible for releasing a story informing millions of Americans about how personal injury lawyers were aware of several problems in a certain tire company and not having reported any of it to the authorities generated much disbelief from the people especially when there were 200 deaths associated with the protection of personal lawsuits and hefty rewards. When it comes to keeping the information for themselves, the lawyers justified this as client confidentiality.Website

With regard to settlements, under today’s contingency fee arrangements the lawyer gets a third or a half of everything as his fee. Personal income is what every lawyer wanted to protect and not the client. Instead of putting public safety first, as should be, the lawyers are applying a double standard by putting profits first. Failure in the court of public opinion is what the argument of the lawyers here continuously achieves especially as they justify how nothing is wrong with this picture. When personal injury lawyers claim that they protect all consumers this statement will forever be nothing but a lie.

Hiding in the fa’ade of providing the ultimate consumer protection, it is now possible for these lawyers to be exposed for the liars that they are as they work not for the public but for their own personal benefit by manipulating the system. The tire defects issue is only the latest in a continuing pattern of lawsuit abuse that has shaken our very Constitution, and it starts with the election process. It is the group of personal injury lawyers that make up only a small fraction of the population but is responsible for a big portion of political campaign contributions. Because of this, the well educated elite are provided with the means to control the laws that are meant for the entire population making it beneficial to a chosen few.