Science Teen Fiction Book for Girls

Lots of us take books to bed with us. While most of us are hoping they’ll help us fall asleep, I think a few of the best science fiction books would keep the reader wide awake rather than sweeping us off to dreamland. A quality science fiction novel should capture the reader, leading them to experience the new world or universe within its pages first hand. The reader would be right there beside the hero, fighting the foe, cringing with the damsel in distress, eyes popping out at the next totally unexpected turn. The best science fiction books do just that they keep us on our toes, not knowing what will happen next.Click to Read more about teen fiction book for girls Your Satisfaction Guaranteed

But unfortunately our new writers who break out into the published world and have the creditable right to call themselves authors are responsible for making more people look at the back of their eyelids for six to eight hours than most politicians speeches or even church ministers delivering a sermon. When it comes to becoming the author of the best science fiction books around, many fall short.

Some of these books could put the pharmaceutical companies making sleeping tablets out of business. While not addictive, they should carry a warning that it could harm your ability to think clearly. While it is tempting to list those I consider worthy of helping you beat insomnia, I can’t remember the titles. So much for being nominated for the best science fiction books Hall of Fame.

Now why can’t writers follow their own inspiration and create a good novel that does not follow the inevitable route which means the reader knows the final outcome but has to read to the end in the vain hope that an author has managed to find an original ending. This also means the reader has to have the discipline not to read the last chapter first!!

While there are formulas to follow that have been used by generations of writers to build their stories around, they may not be the best way to write one of the best science fiction books. It isn’t groundbreaking or bringing science fiction up to a whole new level, but the good guy will always win, the hero will get the girl, and the downtrodden minority will overcome the evil overlords with the help of a hidden file or a sock and a safety pin. We know when the lights will fail; the deflector shields are at 20% and a hairpin is needed to repair the nuclear reactor by a schoolboy when all the experts are running for cover the final outcome is the expected.

If you are going to write and intend to be published try and take your readers into your new dimension with the intention of keeping them awake or at least stimulating some exciting dreams in their nocturnal shutdown. Stimulate their imagination by using your own creative and new themes not the old and obvious. If you must stick to a formula, at least pop in a few surprises here and there. Take a leaf from “No Second Chance”, when the hero boldly states, “Always expect the unexpected because the unexpected is only the expected when you least expect it.” If you keep that in mind, you may still write one of the best science fiction books.