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Paintball weapons, likewise called paintball markers, are utilized to stamp an inverse player with paint in a paintball game. Paintball firearms were once utilized by ranger service gatherings and ranchers to check trees and steers. The source of paintball firearms can be followed back to 1981. The main paintball firearm, imagined by James C. Hal, was regularly utilized by the ranger service industry and not for a paintball game. Afterward, the primary weapon uniquely expected for playing paintball was concocted by Robert G. Shepherd in 1985.Navigate to Boise paintball website

Paintball firearms are intended to move the paintball at a high rate of speed. They utilize packed gas to shoot the paintball. The speed required to compel the ball from the barrel is almost 300 ft/s (100 m/s). More often than not, the packed gasses utilized as a part of the paintball firearms are carbon dixide, nitrogen or standard air. It is put away in tanks that are appended to the weapon.

Present day paintball weapons have four noteworthy segments. These incorporate body, tank, containers, and barrel. Body is one of the significant segments utilized as a part of the paintball weapons. It incorporates four diffent sorts of paintball marker terminating frameworks. These incorporate electro-pneumatic shooting framework, mechanical discharging framework, pump, and electo-mechanical weapons. Containers, regularly called as loaders, are utilized to hold paintballs. Tanks are utilized to store the compacted gas with a specific end goal to quicken the paintballs which is joined to paintball firearm. Barrels utilized for paintball firearms arrive in an assortment of shapes, sizes, and materials.

Pump-activity, Semi-programmed and stockguns are a portion of the critical paintball firearm sorts. Stockguns utilize markers which require a low rate of ammo limit and discharge. Stock class weapons are likewise called pump activity paintball firearms. These firearms or markers are controlled by 12 gram cabondioxide cartridges and have little carbondioxide tanks. All weapons keep up the universal speed breaking point of 300 fps and the range is 50 yards.